Age: 23-27~Height: 5’ 7” – 5’ 10”~Body: slim build~Hair: black~Occupation: farmhand

Korshid is a newly wedded young man who works as a farmhand in a small Persian village. Korshid lost his parents at the age of five and grew up as an orphan. He is charismatic, daring and loves life including his beloved wife Nava. Korshid dreams of owning a country farm and providing for his family without financial hardship.  He is a determined individual who lives everyday filled with joy and love. Korshid’s life is thrown into upheaval when his wife is diagnosed with a rare disease, a disease, which only mother nature can heal. Korshid’s search for a rare flower to cure his wife’s illness takes him into the Iranian dessert – this journey moves the audience back in time to a place of tradition and values – a place where love was born.



Age: 23-27~Height: 5’5” – 5′ 7”~Body: slim~Hair: black~Occupation: farmhand

Nava is a loving genuine being and hopes for a life filled with everlasting happiness.. She dreams of having children with Korshid. Nava’s parents died when she was six years old and the farmer, who currently employs Korshid, raised her.



Age: 40-45~Height: 5’6’’/5’8’’~Body: medium~Hair: gray~Occupation: medicine woman

Hasti is a medicine woman who travels to remote villages helping the people. As a child she was a natural mystic and studied Rumi’s (a famous mystic) poems and spiritual philosophy. Hasti sees the deep connections, which exist between the universe, nature and people. She sees everyone as a part of herself and has dedicated her life to the people of Persia.



Age: 55-60~Height: 5’3’’/5’6’’~Body: slim~Hair: gray~Occupation: Mystic

Erfan is a calm, patient, soft-spoken individual who has found eternal peace within himself. He is the ultimate multidimensional human being. He appears as a beggar to people in need and tests them to see if they deserve his help. He uses the universal law of balance to reward them.

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