• Alex Rood

    Alex Rood

    Alex is a comic artist living in British Columbia who is currently studying Visual Arts at Emily Carr.

  • Asghar Vafaei

    Asghar Vafaei

    With a beautiful voice, Asghar Vafaei touches the heart of the audience offering them the sensation of joy and ecstasy.

  • Ashley Keldani

    Ashley Keldani

  • Azam Ali

    Azam Ali

    In a Career which spans over a decade and includes twelve collaborative and solo albums, Azam Ali has confirmed her place as being one of the most prolific, versatile, and gifted singers on the world music stage today.

  • Behzad Mohajer

    Behzad Mohajer

  • Cory Dagg

    Cory Dagg

    Cory worked as a professional actor in Vancouver for 20 years before moving to Kelowna in 2004, having worked on many successful TV series and Films in Canada and the US, he now works full time for Kelowna Actors Studio.

  • Denise Barnes

    Denise Barnes

    Denise is a makeup artist with a passion for her work – whether enhancing model’s natural beauty in an ad or bringing a character to life on film. She painted her first face at about age 5 – her dolls never looked the same again! Her journey to makeup artistry followed a winding path that included journalism, banking, marketing and various roles in the modeling industry. Throughout the years she kept her makeup brushes active – in theatre, dance, figure skating, fashion shows, photoshoots and weddings. In 2007 Denise decided to make the leap to a career as a freelance makeup artist and hasn’t looked back since. She was fortunate to work with generous mentors and attend workshops with industry leaders to gain valuable training and experience. Denise has worked on award-winning short films and a TV Pilot, several network TV and independent feature films, numerous TV commercials, as well as theatre, fashion shows and commercial and editorial print assignments. Denise continues to seek challenging creative projects with teams that share her enthusiasm and passion.

  • Dorothy Dalba

    Dorothy Dalba

    Dorothy has been a performer all her life, but it was in her late teens that she discovered her passion for acting. Since then,she has been on many stages in Europe, the United States and Canada. In recent years,Dorothy has tried her hand at film acting and hopes to pursue much more of it in the future. She is honoured to be a part of Nava, this beautiful film-in-the-making, which is sure to be filled with sincere love and dedication.

  • Fern Helfand

    Fern Helfand

    Fern Helfand is a woman who responds to her environment. This trait is revealed in both her photographic art works and in her attitude to life as an instructor. Helfand’s interests lie in revealing the fabricated nature of the world. Her own photography explores issues of veracity both within the experience of the moment caught within a given photograph, and also within the issue of digital photography as a medium. Her work has approached the subject of tourism in locations such as Niagara Falls and Disney’s Epcot Centre, has questioned people’s experience of real events such as the Okanagan Mountain Park fire, and continues to explore the experience of community development within the region of the Okanagan. Helfand takes none of these experiences at face value, nor do her works. Working with the medium of photo and collage, she questions the authenticity of people’s experience with their world, and at the same time, questions whether there currently exists any truth inside photography as a medium.

  • Jean-Felix Hery

    Jean-Felix Hery

    Jean-Felix is a recent film student graduate from the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna. He is continuing to work on multiple local projects in the Kelowna area to further increase his skills.

  • Khosro Ansari

    Khosro Ansari

  • Kiano Zamani

    Kiano Zamani

  • Loga Ramin Torkian

    Loga Ramin Torkian

    Loga Ramin Torkian is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is internationally recognized for his ground-breaking work with world music groups Niyaz and Axiom Of Choice, both of which he co-founded.

  • Mo R Yazdanpanah

    Mo R Yazdanpanah

  • Paul Provost

    Paul Provost

    Paul Provost currently works freelance at facilities in the Los Angeles area. as well as remotely with clients coast to coast in his fully outfitted color bay. His long experience working with demanding clients shows in his eye for color. work ethic, and deep knowledge. he has worked in broadcast-media mastering and duplication, to online editing and system/facility design. While working at well known facilities in town to owning his own brick and mortar boutique video-post house in Santa Monica, he has worked closely with legendary many directors.

  • Shane McEwan

    Shane McEwan

    Shane is a recent film graduate from the Centre For Arts and Technology, where he gained many different skills within the film industry, and now works towards using them in the Kelowna area.

  • Shelir Ebrahimi

    Shelir Ebrahimi

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