The Film


Love came and flew as blood in my veins
Emptied me of myself and filled me with beloved.
Each part of my being she conquered
Now a mere name is left to me and the rest is she.
Abū-Sa’īd Abul-Khayr





NAVA invites us to peer in at a highly profound expression of love and sacrifice.  Set in the deserts of ancient Persia, a young woman, Nava, is beset by a grave illness.  Her beloved, Korshid, vows to undertake a journey in order find her the antidote, a rare flower.  Korshid’s journey through the desert is perilous and tests both the strength of his character, and more profoundly, his devotion to Nava.  Ultimately, he will find that the only way to save her is through complete sacrifice: He must give his blood to nourish the small flower, becoming himself destroyed but providing the hope of living on through his beloved.

While tragic, NAVA’s passionate portrayal of Korshid’s love is definitively a positive expression of human values.  NAVA hopes to make a contribution to the salvation of Middle Eastern culture, stressing its beauty and emphasizing common human values such as love and devotion.  NAVA will serve as a counterpoint to current expressions which are increasingly violent, polemic and distasteful.


The exact date for showing of the film will be available after the final color correction. please send us an email and we will

let you know  about the dates.

Thank you!


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